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It is the time for “Experiential“

Experience that is First-hand

Concept Design

It’s all about the concept, by designing the right concept you’ll be assured to achieve your KPIs . It can change the way your audiences would perceive your brand. At Mave, our goal is to provide the expertise that can make activations live and build a story that is relevant.

Product & Service launch/support

Kick-start your beginnings with events that are truly bringing your products to life.
After all, first impressions shall be made the perfect ones.

Entertainment & Multimedia Events

We create unforgettable experiences for events and ceremonies. With our work, we build strategic value for brands. Using creative multimedia and high-impact mediums to evoke the senses, connect audiences with their environments and create enduring memories.

Exhibition & Convention

We look at the bigger picture when working on exhibitions, understanding your brand and channeling this into a design that will set you apart from the competition. It’s this meticulous planning that enables us to build you a creative and inspirational stand that will draw in your audience and deliver exceptional results.

Sampling & Roadshow

Create experiential events that are on-the-go, unique and have the tendencies to strike up
conversations. Trying always makes it better. The strategy creates quick conversions as the
customer have had an experience with the product.

CSR Events

Being socially responsible is highly regarded and creates a good recall for the brand. At MAVE, the execution of CSR events not only support but integrate your brand in a 360 way through the event.

Employee Engagement

The assets and constructors of your brand significantly need att ention and therefore we help you organize interactive events that unfold meaningful employee experiences.

Internal Events

Your brand persona needs to recreate itself constantly in the minds of the stakeholders in both external and internal arenas. At Mave, we deliver activations
that make your internal events exciting.


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